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Directors, Managers and Professionals I have worked with

  • Gregory Anderson, Ph.D.UX Human Factors Lead / Carl Zeiss Meditec

    I am pleased to have been asked to write a letter recommending Michael Morales as a UI designer. I am the UX/Human Factors Lead at Zeiss Meditec, and was Mike’s supervisor.

    I hired Mike to help us design the UI for two major Zeiss products – a new fundus imaging device, and our flagship Cirrus OCT device. Mike was instrumental to these design and redesign efforts, as he created all the mockups, assets and visual design specifications used by the developers to recreate our designs. Mike is an excellent UI designer and illustrator, and I would jump at the chance to work with him. He is an absolute wizard with Adobe Illustrator, and was able to crank out mockups and assets at lightning speed. We also required the occasional complex illustration for some of our data visualization modules, and I was stunned by the speed and accuracy with which he was able to recreate specific data visualization images. We do a lot of UI prototyping with Axure in our work here at Zeiss, and though that was not part of his job description, Mike jumped into prototyping with Axure, picking it up very quickly and doing excellent work.

    In addition to being very skilled, Mike is a pleasure to work with. He always has a positive attitude, is very friendly, and never backs off a challenge. If we ever have a consistent enough need for UI design work to create a direct-hire position, Mike will be the first person I call.
  • Dave DetmersDirector, Communications / Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies

    It is my pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation for Mike Morales. As the Director of Communications, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies, I have worked directly with Mike for more than three years. Mike has served as a contract graphic/web designer supporting a variety of internal and external communications needs, including the day-to-day operation of our global employee intranet site: Diabetes Solutions Today. When it comes to graphic design and visual representation, Mike has been our “go to” in-house expert and a valuable member of the team. I have found Mike to be extremely responsive and creative. Unlike external agencies that require detailed input sessions and days or weeks to offer a solution, I can explain my visual/graphic need and Mike will, in very short order, deliver one or more solutions that are directly on target. He has assisted me with a number of high-profile customer and Investor Relations presentations and never disappoints. Mike has a very pleasant and even disposition and blends well with all members of the team. I have never seen him get angry or frustrated and he’s always willing to help and do what’s needed to get the job done, even if it requires the occasional after-hours support. Were it not for the fact that Johnson & Johnson employment policy puts a hard limit on the time a contractor can work for the company, Mike would still be in our employ. His departure is a loss for our department and he will be missed.

    I highly recommend Mike for any creative/graphic design position that will leverage his many talents collaborative working style.
  • Sharon Sanghera-SidhuEditor In Chief of Vincit magazine / Co-Owner Women's Self Preservation / CoFounder of Koso/MCS

    I have done business with Michael in the past and will continue to do so in the future for graphic design work. He has created various designs for Academy of Warriors and Avalon Fitness Center when needed. Michael was able to design exactly what I wanted which was a difficult task since I was only able to describe a feeling of what I wanted not able to explain symbols or images. Michael took what I had expressed and made the images come to life. I highly recommend Michael.
  • Franchesca VargasProject Manager

    Michael has done several awesome projects for Mana Storm Entertainment INC. He has always presented a project that has surpassed my expectations! An example of his work is the art work that he created for "Lyoto Machida" dvd label, cover and box set!
  • Christina MartinezOwner / cj avenue

    I had the pleasure of working with Mike for more than 5 years at Logitech. He is an incredibly reliable and responsible person. He was always willing to take on any project given to him, and very quick to completion. I would not hesitate to work with Mike again, hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

  • Young KimStore Manager / Papaya Clothing, Conerstone Inc.

    Michael is a team player, not afraid to learn new task, willing to take on extra work load without hesitation, he is creative, very energetic and friendly.